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  NO. 1 AMTC  

No 1 Aeromedical Training Centre,
Air Force Station Hindan

Visits by various Indian and Foreign Dignitaries

No 1 Aeromedical Training Center (1 AMTC) is located at Air Force Station, Hindan, the youngest stations of the Indian Air Force. 1 AMTC is one of the eminent training establishments of Indian Air Force. A concerted aerospace medicine support to aircrew is essential to enable the aviator to perform consistently and successfully at the edge of his/her physiological envelope. It was the realization of this need in the IAF that led to the formation of an Explosive Decompression Unit on 06 Aug 1969 which was later renamed as 1 Aeromedical Training Centre on 30 Jun 1971, the second being at Air Force Academy, Hyderabad. From this modest beginning, today, with the induction of state-of-the-art simulators and equipment, the centre has come at par with the best in this field. This Center imparts aeromedical indoctrination and evaluation of aircrew and research activities in related fields.


  • The primary task of 1 AMTC is aeromedical training of aircrew with an aim to confer wholesome comprehension of the limitations of human physiological and psychological system and to familiarize them with the various strategies to keep him going even in the unforgiving flying environment.
  • The Center undertakes various research activities to render professional advice to the aeromedical problems confronted by the aircrew.
  • In addition, 1 AMTC is a DGCA recognized renewal centre for Class I medical assessment for civil aircrew.
  • The centre is actively involved in selection and indoctrination of paratroopers and parajump instructors (PJI).
  • The medical assessment of trained aircrew referred from other centres is being done under various simulated flying conditions.    
  • 1 AMTC also provides Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to the entitled population as well as non entitled patients referred from various medical establishments in the region.


Presently the following additional tasks are being undertaken by the unit.

  • Pharmacological drug trials on sleep and alertness among aircrew during extended operations using Tab ‘Modafinil’ & Tab ‘Zolpidem’.
  • Air / ground trials of CCTU (Critical Care Transport Unit) on various aircrafts.



The centre has a comprehensive course on aeromedical training of aircrew called THAIC (Transport and Helicopter Aeromedical Indoctrination Course). In addition to THAIC, Spatial Disorientation Training is being imparted to aircrew from all three streams of aircraft. Once in a year, the centre conducts an indoctrination course for engineering and logistics officers called ELOIC.


Spatial Disorientation Simulator

The Disorientation Trainer has been procured from M/s AMST, Austria and was installed at 1 AMTC on 24 Nov 09. It represents an innovative technical solution for demonstration of disorientation effects. The main aim of the simulator is to familiarize the modern pilot with the phenomena of in-flight Spatial Disorientation and various illusions in the safe confines of the simulator.

Explosive Decompression Chamber

The Center has an Explosive Decompression Chamber capable of simulating an altitude of upto 1,00,000 feet and rapid decompression from various altitudes at varying rates. The chamber is used for hypoxia and explosive decompression indoctrination of aircrew and paratroopers since Aug 69. In addition, the chamber is used for ENT evaluation of aircrew and paratroopers while undergoing specific altitude and rate profiles called Ear Clearance Run. The chamber is also being used for equipment evaluation.

Recompression Chamber

The Recompression Chamber was installed as a safety measure against possible decompression sickness during decompression chamber runs in Oct 89. At present, it is  being extensively utilized for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

1 Aeromedical Training Center,
Air Force Station, Hindan,
Ghaziabad (UP) - 201004

Tele: (+ 91) 20-2633000 (Ext – 4750,7723)



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